Sunday, May 12, 2013

You're The Best Mom A Daughter Could Have

I love you Mom,
for being
not only a caring mother,
but also a friend I can share with
and talk to
and trust...

I love you
for allowing me
to express myself,
and for making me
feel like I matter.

I love you
for standing up to me
when I need it,
and for standing by me -

I love you
for telling me the truth
even when I don't want to hear it,
and for having
so much courage,
and love.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

Das ist der Spruch von der Karte, die ich der besten Mutter auf der Welt geschickt habe, meiner Mami. Ich hab dich sooooo unendlich doll lieb und danke dir für alles! Hab einen tollen Urlaub und ruh dich ganz viel aus :-)

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